Commission Info

Commission information:
Coloring includes cel-shading
b&w pieces can be inked or have a "sketchy" quality, just let me know which you prefer.
I'm open to coloring sketches too, but by default they'll be inked first.
Detailed shading jobs for b&w pieces are at color pricing and is more blended than the default cel-shading. Detailed shading for any color piece is just the cost of coloring again. (Ex. headshot color and detail shading would be  20$ )
Headshots/Busts: 10$ (color +5$)
Waist up: 20$ (color +5$)
Chibi*: 25$ (color +5$)
Full Body: 40$ (color +10$)
Additional persons +50% per (3 fullcolor headshots in one piece would be 30$ (15 + 7.5 + 7.5)
Detailed Backgrounds or custom borders: +10$ 
"Painting" currently requires doubling the final cost due to the massive time consumptive nature of this style.
*Chibi are full body only, NEVER NSFW, and are still an experimental thing for me, so I'm a lot more flexible about altering and adjusting them.
All commissions include a full high-res image, a smaller easier postable size (usually 700-ish pixels wide), and avatar crops of the face(s) if you want to use the images for forums and such.(I can even do tiny pixelated border additions for the avatar images that was crazy popular back in the 90s =D ). Images are defaultly provided as .png, but can be .gif or .jpeg upon request.
What I will draw:
Pretty much anything
including nsfw
What I can't really draw well:
Mecha, cars, guns, photorealistic stuff - but damn I'll try.
What I won't draw:
Loli - anything that thinks it might be loli, anything resembling loli, anything suggesting the very idea of Loli. (I will draw small humaniods, yes, but not in anyway that may even be remotely misconstrued as !#$%ing loli, so don't ask.)
Real people, or representations of real people, in compromising or humilitating positions even if its real people I don't personally care for.
I do reserve the right to say no to any request submitted for whatever reason - or for no reason - if I feel uncomfortable with it or the person requesting it. 
Contact me at QuinlokiArt at gmail [.] com
I'll reply within 24 hours, and we can hash out details.
Updates on commissions, available slots, and estimated times of completion will be provided weekly at the least and daily if needed.

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