The Cast

The Resident Rogue Name: Key 

 Aka: Well Wouldn't You Like To Know.

 Favorite color: Anything that blends.

 Best trait: Curiosity.

Worst trait: .... Curiosity.

Summary: Key's technically the main character in this story only because the comic's kind of her point of view, but she's not the only one with an amazing story to tell. That right is spread pretty evenly among the party.


The Resident Fop. Name: Fabulor

 Aka: The Fop.

 Favorite Color: Yes. 

 Best Trait: Style! 

 Worst Trait: Might have to come back to this.... (there's a queue).

Summary: Fabulor is the fantastically and fanatically fortuitous member of the Cirlce. Fabs is the kind of wizard that can walk into the bog of eternal stench and come out clean.


The Shield. Name: The Warden

 Aka: TBA

 Favorite color: Green

 Best Trait: Protective

Worst Trait: His smile.

Summary: The Warden (or the Stormwarden, but let's keep the character count in names to a minimum, eh?) is the protector of the Circle. Very pack-oriented and very protective he views the other members as his responsibility. It's a wonder he hasn't turned grey from head to foot already.


Songs for Everyone! Name: Padri

 Aka: The Bard.

 Favorite Color: Blue

 Best Trait: Beautiful Singing Voice

Worst Trait: I don't know what you're talking about.

Summary: Padri and Key share the same home town, but it's not something they've readily shared with the rest of the group. Both of them have very good reasons to not go back, Padri way more than Key, however.


Happy Halfling! Name: Lazan

 Aka: The Short One

 Favorite color: Beer

 Best trait: Strongest Liver Ever.

Worst Trait: He lost an entire TOWN.

Summary: Lazan's a halfling without a home. He lost his, and has been searching for his kinfolk since. The wandering of searching for a well-hidden village has landed him into some amazing situations, most of which cause him to drink. Quietly protective of his fellow Circle Members he snarks readily to cover a big heart.


Mine's bigger'n yours. Name: Loranys


 Favorite color: Red

 Best Trait: It's 6 foot long and sharp.

Worst Trait: ... her sword's twice my size, I'm not saying ANYTHING.

Summary: Lorayns is a Paladin of Sorti, and as the goddess of Secrets isn't one to talk neither is Lor. She's got her reasons, and her motivations, and as a mercenary the answer is no, she doesn't really feel like sharing her reasons with you. Now piss off unless you've got some good work.



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